"In line with government policies to provide an excellent and fruitful service to the society"



"To establish an exemplary divisional administrative unit by providing more efficient and

friendly services and by means of it, to enhance the living standards of the public in



Broadcast of Mahakumbukkadawala Divisional Secretariat

Mahakumbukkadawala Divisional Secretariat is a hard Divisional Secretariat in puttalam district among the 16 Divisional Secretariats. This Divisional Secretariat was started in 28th April 1989 as a sub office of a anamaduwa Divisional Secretariat. this  Divisional Secretariat was opened as a Divisional Secretariat in 06th July of 1998. This Divisional Secretariat is covering 68.65 square mile. Divisional Secretariat has 25 grama niladhari divisions and 64 villages. ( 175374 square KM)

Total population is 22079"  11541 of female and 10538 of male live in 2017. sinhala, tamil, muslim people live in this area and 19709 of buddhists, 1648 of christians, 42 of Islam’s and 680of hindu people live as religion.


This Divisional Secretariat has located 130-200 feet of sea level in height. It is flat area. East direction has anamaduwa Divisional Secretariat, south direction has mundalama Divisional Secretariat, north direction has puttalama Divisional Secretariat, and west direction has pallama Divisional Secretariat.

This Divisional Secretariat has south and drop white sand with a soil layer of north. This area has a main problem, which has the drinking water of a solid flavour. Some of praja mula programmers continue to supply the drinking water, but it's not satisfy.

This Divisional Secretariat’s has normal temperature between 24-26 Celsius. higher temperature occurs on months of February, march, April, July, august, September. this season has high evaporation.

Role performed at DS                                                         Service Period


Mr. J.P. Thilakarathne

1989 - 1991


Mr. Vijitha Bandaranayake

1991 - 1994


Mr. D.M. Heenbanda

1994 - 1998


Mr. A.M.R.J.K.Jayasingha

1998 - 2002


Mr. R.K.Premasiri

2002 - 2006



2006 - 2007


Mr. H.M.S.P.Herath

2007 - 2011


Mrs. Srimalie Mallawarachchi

2011.05.12 – 2012.02.13


Mr. Dilan Gunarathne

2012.02.13 - 2019.04.02

10 Mrs.E.A.D.M Athukorala 2019.04.10 up to now...

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